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Welcome to VooDoo

Uncompromising sexuality and true femininity are the constant postulates of the Russian clothing brand VooDoo. The founder and designer of the brand Dali Remizova creates things exclusively for the body, based on its forms, and, as a consequence, emphasizing the figure, challenges everyday shades of gray, advocating for the brightness of images and singing beauty.
Dali founded her brand in 2016 – and immediately found the perfect balance between the simplicity of shapes and lines and the unusualness of finish. Each item here is not about architectural experiments and games with cut, though created masterfully and with great attention to detail, but about the beauty of the female body and comfort.
The designer pays special attention to quality control of his creations at all stages of production – from the creation of a sketch to the receipt of goods on the shelf of the showroom. VooDoo is always the accuracy of design solutions, skilled work with cut, European materials, proper organization of the technological process and professionalism of all participants.

The creator of the brand initially set a goal to create clothes for life. Each model Dali sews as for herself, always looking for fresh ideas, inspired by travel, new impressions and following her main principle: none of the things will go to the shop-window before you do not want to take it off.

“Who does not believe in magic will never find it” – Ronda Bern

Дали Ремизова